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Discover The Best Ionic Minerals on the Planet

What are Ionic Minerals, and Why Now?

Experts now estimate that 75 percent of the world's population is mineral deficient. Ionic M minerals contain all of the minerals and trace elements necessary to support and enhance human life.


Discover the Best Ionic Minerals on the Planet

An ion is an atom or molecule - the smallest part of a mineral or element that has a positive or negative charge, depending on the number of electrons it has.  In our bodies, these fluctuating ionic states help cells move nutrients to the areas that need them.  

Ionic minerals and trace elements are critical to our health, enabling our bodies to operate at peak efficiency.

Negative Ion Nutrition Straight from the Great Salt Lake

Many of the minerals and trace elements once found abundantly in soil have been washed into the oceans and inland seas like Utah's Great Salt Lake.  The minerals and trace elements in the Great Salt Lake are bioidentical to the minerals found in healthy human bodies, including Magnesium and Chloride, two nutrients essential for overall health and wellness.

Ionic M Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve global well-being through mineral nutrition and education.  Harvested from the mineral rich waters of the Utah's Great Salt Lake, our products contain Magnesium, Chloride, and up to 76 trace elements as found in sea water, harvested through a proprietary, all-natural solar concentration process.


A Concentrated Biosystem Based on Mother Nature

The Ionic M Cloud Chamber is a closed-capsule sauna featuring a unique two-part mineral delivery system.  During each 15-30 minute session, minerals are simultaneously absorbed through the skin and nebulized (converted to a nano-haze that is inhaled to deliver bioidentical minerals and trace elements directly to where they are needed the most).

Ionic M Cloud Chamber sessions create a negative-ion-rich environment, serving as a key electrolyte for the body to optimize the mineral absorption process.  Minerals are delivered directly into the skin and lungs, nourishing the body naturally and instantaneously.

The Ionic M Chamber is composed of a natural hemlock wood cabin, infrared heat emitters and our signature mineral delivery control system.

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