Ionic M Bath Minerals | 4 Pack | 16 oz Bottles

Ionic M Bath Minerals | 4 Pack | 16 oz Bottles

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Ionic M Bath Minerals have soothing properties that are known to offer pain relief, reduce inflammation, and promote a better night's sleep.

Our Bath Minerals provide a revitalizing power soak speeding recovery of sore and fatigued muscles. Replenishes Essential Minerals.

Enjoy the numerous health benefits of a mineral rich lifestyle.

For Athletes: Recover Faster | Reduce Soreness & Inflammation | Enhance Performance.

Ionic M Bath Minerals are harvested and then processed using the original, 49-year old, all-natural, low-sodium, sea mineral formula from Utah's Great Salt Lake using solar concentration (natural processes).

Sea water is the best source of minerals and trace elements on the planet. Ionic M Bath Minerals contain up to 78 minerals and trace elements.

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